Best Camera and Photo Deals from Cyber Week and December 2014

My inbox runneth over with Cyber Monday and holiday deals on photography equipment, but there’s so much of it. Wading through it would be a full-time job!

Fortunately, I did that work for you. 🙂 Here are the best “Cyber Week” and December 2014 deals on cameras, camera bundles, and photography equipment as of 12/2/2014. These recommendations are for written specifically for crafters, bloggers, food photographers, and photography hobbyists who want their products and brand to look great on Etsy, Pinterest, and other social media.

Bonus: Most of these deals are still going strong the day after “Cyber Monday”. Even better, some of these deals last into January! Each deal’s lifespan varies, so plan your shopping carefully!

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Best Cyber Week 2014 Camera Bundle: Amazon’s Nikon D3200 Camera + Lens Bundle

The top spot on this list goes to the Nikon D3200 4 Lens Bundle on! (Follow the link to see current stock and prices)


Amazon’s Nikon D3200 camera bundle is one of the best Cyber Week photography deals of 2014.

The D3200 has been my top recommended DSLR all year, and this bundle is a steal. Priced at about the cost of the body + kit lens any other time of year, this deal includes:

  • Nikon D3200 camera body
  • 4 lenses
  • a set of lens filters
  • 16 GB memory card
  • DVD training guide
  • extra battery(!)
  • USB 2.0 card reader for quickly transferring photos to your computer
  • A Nikon carry bag
  • and more!

Nikor is already one of the best names in lenses, and the lenses included in this bundle (which can also be bought individually) are well-reviewed. It’s worth pointing out that these lenses are the “basic” version of their family, lacking features like Vibration Reduction that you’d get if you spent another $100-$200+ when buying individually.  But for most craft, food, and portrait photographers, these lenses are perfect and it will be a long time before you feel like you’ve outgrown them.

Here’s a quick look at this bundle’s lenses:

  • The NIKKOR 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens is a versatile “kit” lens capable of shallow depth of field and beautiful portraits
  • The Nikon 55-200mm f/4-5.6G ED AF-S DX Zoom Lens is a highly-rated zoom lens perfect for wildlife, sports, scenery. (Be careful not to confuse this lens with its Vibration Reduction newer model, or its top-of-the line 300mm version)
  • The 2.5X telephoto lens adds twice the optical zoom capabilities to your existing lenses
  • The .45X super wide angle lens more than doubles how much you can pack into the frame, making panoramic shots and great group photos easy

The only thing missing from the Nikon bundle, in my opinion, is a good 50mm prime lens, which you’d want if you take a lot of photos of small things like handmade crafts, food, and pets. Fortunately, Nikon offers several 50mm lenses at varying price points including a budget-friendly 50mm with f/1.8D aperture and auto focus, a mid-range 50mm with a f/1.8G aperture and auto focus, and a top tier 50mm prime lens that goes all the way down to f/1.4 for the capturing beautiful buttery bokeh.

Runner Up: Canon T5 + Lens Bundle

It’s worth noting that Nikon DS3200’s primary rival, the Canon T5, also has a Cyber Week Amazon bundle deal going on this month.


Amazon’s Canon T5 holiday deal bundle includes a kit lens, two tripods, a flash, lens filters, camera strap, carry bag, and two add-on lenses for wide angle and optical zoom.

This Canon bundle (like the Nikon top pick above) is a great deal if you’re starting from scratch, as the individual components of this bundle would cost nearly double what the bundle does if bought separately. I gave the top spot to the D3200 because I think it’s a better camera overall and because the Nikon bundle comes with one additional lens.  (See CNET review of the Canon EOS Rebel T5 here, where they even give a little shout-out to the D3200).

Best Lighting Kit: LimoStudio Continuous Lighting Kit

Brighten the room you’re shooting in with this awesome lighting kit. The LimoStudio Continuous Lighting Kit isn’t on any special holiday deal, but I’m seeing “deals” on lighting kits that cost twice what this one does and aren’t as good or include things you probably don’t need for food and craft photos, like green screen chroma backgrounds. If you don’t have a great lighting setup, grab one of these inexpensive (and collapsible – phew!) kits and you’ll be glad you did.


The LimoStudio kit is great because it’s just what you need and nothing more. No backgrounds or accessories, just three great lamps, two umbrellas, and a convenient carrying case.

As long as we’re on the topic of lighting, there’s no excuse for not having a reflector. You can DIY one out of aluminum foil or just grab this 5-in-1 reflector disc at a bargain price. I rarely shoot anything without some kind of reflector in use, and if you’re new to reflectors you’ll see the difference immediately! The Neewer 110CM 43 inch 5-in-1 disc light reflector set has everything you need in one (very affordable) zippered disc.


Disc reflectors! They’re amazing, seriously. Your shadows will look beeaautiful.

Best High-End Camera Deal: B&H’s Canon EOS 7D with 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens

Canon’s EOS 7D is a beast, – in terms of performance, popularity with successful food and craft bloggers, and, of course, price. This is a semi-pro camera, so performance comes with a pricetag (and a bit of physical heft), but the EOS 7D is widely considered one of the very best in its class and you’d be hard-pressed to outgrow this camera. (Read a detailed review of the EOS 7D at


Canon EOS 7D with flash popped up. Check out B&H’s great holiday deal on the EOS 7D.

B&H’s sweet holiday discounts make the EOS 7D more affordable (click link for current price). B&H throws in some fantastic extras, including an 8GB memory card, carrying backpack, tutorial DVD, battery pack, plus the option to get additional savings on Photoshop Lightroom, Photoshop Elements. As if that’s not enough, B&H also has a couple of mail-in order rebates (cash returned in the form of an American Express gift card). Between the extras and the rebates, this B&H deal is amazing!

( is offering the EOS 7D with the same 28-135mm lens at the exact same price as B&H, but B&H’s bonuses make B&H’s EOS 7D a much better deal.)

Best Mirrorless Camera Deal: Samsung NX300 WiFi Compact Mirrorless Camera w/ 18-55mm kit lens

Okay, so this one’s not technically a Cyber Week deal and it only comes with one [great] lens but it’s still a great camera at a price that competes with the deal bundles above. Mirrorless cameras rock (check out my review of my very own Samsung NX300 here) and I’m doing my part to sing their praises. The Samsung NX300 comes with a 18-55mm kit lens and offers all the capabilities of a DSLR, including interchangeable lenses, a selection of quality lenses to choose from, WiFi photo transfer, manual, aperture priority, shutter priority, and “point and shoot” style shooting modes, and a flip-out touch screen on the back.

Alas, the NX300 didn’t get a Cyber Week deal on Amazon or B&H, but its usual price is on par with the bundles mentioned above so if you’d rather have a streamlined camera, consider a mirrorless instead!


Slim design with all the DSLR benefits, including 20.3 MP CMOS sensor, interchangeable lenses, a powerful sensor, hybrid autofocus, WiFi upload, and a handy flip-out screen.

I’m in love with this camera and shooting everything in sight with it. 😉 I actually love it more than DSLRs I’ve gone shooting with, and I’m glad I got this camera. The kit lens will carry you pretty far and the slim body will come in handy every time you take this camera somewhere.

More Cyber Monday & Holiday Camera Deals

Even if you’re reading this after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, don’t despair – the deals continue well into December (sometimes into January).

Amazon “Cyber Week” Camera, Photo & Video Deals

I’m a big fan of Amazon’s massive collection of “Cyber Week” deals on cameras and photography equipment but they’re kind of just thrown together in a long scrolling list and they roll out slowly so you have to keep checking back. If I were in the market for a new camera, I’d snag one of the above and call it done. Heck, I’d even open it early and get a jump start on taking photos before all the family get-togethers and parties start! 😀

Adorama Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Adorama competes with B&H and Amazon, so sometimes you can find a better deal at Adorama than Amazon. Have a look at their deals!

B&H Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Holiday Season Deals

B&H is another camera and electronics specialty shop. I buy some of my computer equipment through them – always a good experience.

Shopping For Someone Else and Can’t Decide?

It’s hard enough to pick a camera for yourself – choosing the right one for someone else isn’t any easier! Fortunately, Adorama, B&H, and Amazon all offer gift cards which can be applied to the recipient’s camera of choice.

Also, consider giving them the gift of an Amazon Prime membership! They’ll get fast and free shipping, streaming TV, access to music, and more – I know I’d be thrilled if someone subsidized my Prime membership! 🙂

The Final Word

You can spend a lot of time reading reviews and comparing deals, but this is what it boils down to: get a camera, read the manual, start taking pics! I had SO much more fun once I actually bought a nice camera than I did researching cameras. My advice: stop researching and get shooting! 🙂

Good luck!

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