Best Indoor Lighting Equipment for Craft Photographers

The Best Indoor Lighting Equipment for Craft Photography & Food Photography

The most challenging aspect of product photography is getting the lighting right. Lighting affects everything: color, sharpness, shadows, and the overall quality of the image. The outdoors can be fickle and difficult to rely on – clouds, rain, and, oh yeah – that thing called winter.

The best way to control lighting is to create it yourself. Yes, your camera is important, but it’s secondary to lighting and sharpness.

With a good indoor lighting setup, you can photograph whenever you need to – no more waiting for weekends or “a good lighting day” – and deliver consistent results every time. In this special equipment roundup, we’re going to recommend the very best indoor lighting equipment for craft photographers and food bloggers!

Lowel EGO Digital Imaging, Tabletop Fluorescent Light Unit

Lowel EGO indoor lighting lamp for food bloggers and craft photographers. From our article: Best Indoor Lighting Tools for Craft PhotographersPerfect for: food photography, handmade jewelry, small handmade crafts like toys and dolls

We love this little lamp by EGO. It’s easy to set up (just plug it in) and compact enough to sit on a tray or small table along with your product or food. It’s lightweight (less than 3 lbs) and small enough to just tuck away into a closet or drawer. Each Lowel EGO light comes with two 27-Watt custom “daylight” fluorescent lamps behind a white translucent diffusing shield for accurate colors and soft shadows. The lightbulbs also come with a manufacturer’s estimated lifespan of 5,000 to 10,000 hours. That’s a lot of food photos!

At just over $100 it’s not cheap, but it’s the closest thing to natural daylight we’ve seen. Food bloggers Pinch of Yum and Steamy Kitchen both use and recommend this lamp for fantastic food photos on dark winter nights.


CowboyStudio Photography Lighting Kit with Umbrellas

CowboyStudio photography umbrella kit for indoor photography, craft photography, and portraits. From our article: Best Indoor Lighting Tools for Craft Photographers

Perfect for: photographing babies, portraits, clothing on models or mannequins, jewelry on live models, medium and larger sized crafts on tables and chairs

Transform a corner of your room into a well-lit photo studio with this kit. Sets up in minutes and includes high quality daylight CFL bulbs for consistent color. Aluminum stands are sturdy.  This $70 kit looks and acts like a professional $1,000 kit.

This kit is pretty much everything you need in one convenient package, especially if your crafts are too big for a little light tent or worn by human models.

Set includes:

  • 3 daylight CFL bulbs
  • 2 white 33″ umbrellas and 7 ft stands
  • 3 45 Watt 5500k Daylight bulbs
  • 1 mini light stand 
  • 3 swivel sockets (point your lights in any direction)
  • Padded carrying case

Neewer 110CM 43″ 5-in-1 Collapsible Multi-Disc Light Reflector

Neewer reflector set for great bounce lighting. Works with indoor and outdoor photography. From our article: Best Indoor Lighting Tools for Craft Photographers

Perfect for: softening shadows on humans and small and medium size objects

Light reflectors are awesome. Hold the disc up near your subject to bounce light back into shadowed areas. (See the magic of bounce lighting in action.)

This “all in one” disc is about the size of a medium pizza. It contains 5 colors: white, silver, gold, black, and translucent. Just unzip to get to the color you want to use, and zip it back up for storage.

  • Silver is neutral but more reflective than white, so it’s best used in lower light situations (such as shooting indoors).
  • White, like silver, is also neutral but less reflective. Works best in bright lighting to soften harsh shadows. Since it’s weaker than silver, it’ll have to be held closer to your subject.
  • Gold reflectors are very warm, use a gold disc to give human subjects a healthy glow or when shooting outdoors to counteract blue tinted daylight shadows.
  • Black reflectors are the opposite of the previous three: black makes shadows darker by reducing the ambient bounce lighting hitting your subject.
  • Transluscent isn’t a reflector; it’s actually a diffuser. Place it between your light source and your subject to soften harsh lighting.

Some reflector kits cost well over $100. That’s crazy! This high quality kit can be found for less than $20.

LimoStudio Photography Photo Studio Lighting Kit Set

LimoStudio photography studio kit. 16 x 16 lighting tent, mini tripod, lamps, and backgrounds. From our article: Best Indoor Lighting Tools for Craft Photographers.

Perfect for: small crafts like jewelry and amigurumi, white background product photography

This LimoStudio kit is Amazon’s best-selling tabletop photo studio kit, and can be found as low as $30 (total steal – my local photography equipment shop wants $80+ for similar kits).

We are big fans of all-in-one photo studio kits for crafters (the kind that come with backgrounds, white walls for diffusing lighting, a mini tripod, and a carrying case). Set up anywhere, take down easily. Perfect for photographing jewelry and other small, detailed things.

See our Photo Studio Kit Comparison Guide for a whole slew of options.

This tabletop photo kit includes:

  • Light bulbs are studio quality 5000K, 120V 50W GU10 lamps for consistent color temperature (not too orange or blue)
  • Eliminate unexpected shadows by controlling the light
  • 16″ x 16″ box fits small and medium size objects
  • Mini tripod with bubble level: stabilize your camera for ultra-clear shots
  • Carrying case! Pack it all away when you’re done.

Go forth and photograph your handmade crafts! Do you have any specialized lighting equipment? Show it off – share a link to your photos or shop in the comments!

Disclosure: The links in the chart above are Amazon affiliate links and are provided so you can get what you need quickly and easily. If you make a purchase through our links, we get a small commission at no cost to you which helps keep this site free and full of fresh content. As always, we encourage you to shop around for the best deal!

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