The 7 C’s of Craft Photography

Woohoo, your latest craft is complete! Before you submit your photos to your blog or Etsy shop, run through our 7 C’s of Craft Photography checklist to ensure your crafts shine online!  7 c's of craft photography show some character!


  • Is your product’s personality on display?
  • If your product is useful or solves a problem, are you showing it in use?
  • If your product is elegant – or playful, or serious – does it look that way?


  • Is it obvious to shoppers what your product is and how it is used?
  • Does the viewer have a good sense of your product’s size?
  • Is it readable at thumbnail size? (Etsy’s thumbnails are 170 x 135 pixels)


7 C's of craft photography - show those details with clarity!

  • Are the colors representative of real life?
  • Are the colors rich and inviting?
  • Will the colors clash or compete with other items in your shop?


  • Are your product’s details crisp and clear?
  • Did you include at least one close-up shot to show off details like stitching?


  • Did you crop your photo to the most interesting parts?
  • Are there any unnecessary elements in the photo that could be cut out?
  • Is the background distracting? Crop it out!


7 c's of craft photography - get the colors accurate!

  • Does your product fill the frame?  (It’s okay to get up close!)
  • Will your photo still look good once Etsy auto-crops it? (Etsy will resize and crop to make your photo fit 570 x 452)
  • Is it clear that any props you’ve included are not the product?


  • Does your photo invite people to click and learn more?
  • If you saw it on Etsy, would you click your photo?

There you have it – the 7 C’s of craft photography!  Did we miss anything?  Let us know what you think in the comments!

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