10 Top Selling Etsy Shops in the “Handmade” Category (and what you can learn from them!)

10 Top Selling Etsy Shops - and what you can learn from them!

In need of a little inspiration? Take a peek at the top selling Etsy in the “Handmade” category (this excludes vintage and supplies) – these shops are all doing something right.

Last time when we looked at best-selling Etsy shops we looked at the best sellers overall and found mostly shops selling supplies. This time, we’re looking at shops that sell handmade things.

Three Bird Nest75,320
Grace and Lace Co65,962
Think Pink Bows63,526
Zoey's Attic61,116


What You Can Learn from Etsy’s Best-Selling Shops

  1. Use clear, daylit photographs. Thanks to white backgrounds and bright lighting, items for sale in the top 10 shops look great. (Also: 13 Tips for Better Etsy Shop Photos, and Best Cameras for Every Budget 2014)
  2. List a TON of products. All of these shops have 200+ items in stock, some have nearly 1,000 items! Not that quantity trumps quality, of course. Think of it this way: if you have just one item in your shop, you’re less likely to be found than someone with 50 items showing up in search. Fuller shops also look more enticing. Barren shelves tend to spook customers. Aim for at least 20 products to start – 20 listings is enough to fill your shop page nicely.
  3. Have a Facebook presence. Creating a Facebook page for your craft business increases your exposure and gives you another avenue to reach your fans.
  4. Develop a shop “personality”. Every single shop in the top 10 has a “character” to it – you can almost guess what kind of personality the shop owner might have. Personality is what makes handmade so awesome, so don’t be afraid to “brand” your shop with a bit of “you”.
  5. Sell individuality. All of the top 10 shops are selling “individuality” – shirts printed with clever sayings, buttons with a sense of humor, decorative stamps, pretty headbands for babies and adults, decorated t-shirts. In fact, all of the top 10 shops are selling things to wear or decorate with. Think of these shops as selling a bit of individuality that can’t be bought in a mass-market store.
  6. Use a consistent “look and feel”. The products are presented similarly – same zoom level, consistent lighting. The overall effect is harmonious and coherent, making it easier to focus on the products themselves.
  7. Under $30. With a few exceptions in just a couple of these top selling Etsy shops, nearly all of these top-selling handmade shops offer their wares at prices somewhere between $3 and $25. Don’t fret if your products cost more, but if all your products are $100 you might want to add a few smaller items to your shop.
  8. Take it all with a grain of salt. After all, Three Bird Nest is now accused of importing and reselling its wares.

Top-selling Etsy shops data from craftcount.com – check ’em out, Craft Count is a great way to discover fantastic Etsy shops!

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  1. So true!

    The UK newspaper (The Guardian), also highlights some top tips and how to get the most out of selling online: : http://theguardiansite.co.uk/online-retail-profiting-small-business-owners

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